About Cardtronics

Cardtronics provides convenient access to cash and financial services where they are needed most. The company deploys its assets and expertise to improve the competitive stance of retailers and financial institutions alike through innovative ATM programs that deliver more value for all parties.

In practice, that means...

Card Only

Delivering more cardholders to every ATM in every retailer, improving not only ATM profitability but overall profitability for ourselves and our retail partners

Card Only

Helping financial institutions better serve their cardholders wherever they may be, at the branch, the grocery store or anywhere in between

Expanding our class-leading operations and innovations across borders and oceans to serve merchants, financial institutions and consumers globally.

Cardtronics Germany

Since 2002, our ATMs have been providing Germany with convenient access to cash, first under the name Moneybox Germany GmbH, and since 2005 as Cardpoint GmbH. In 2013, Cardpoint was integrated into the Cardtronics global ATM network and has been represented as both Cardtronics and Cardpoint in the market.

Cardtronics operates approximately 1,800 cash machines in Germany, thus being the largest private, bank-independent provider of cash machine services.

Historically, Cardpoint has been the Number 1 independent ATM operator in Germany, and we are now transforming our business brand to reflect that we are a part of Cardtronics, the world’s leading and largest ATM specialist – currently managing services for nearly 285,000 ATMs across the globe.

From a legal perspective, our full legal name remains as Cardpoint GmbH.

Innovation has always been a hallmark of who we are. As just one example, we were the first independent German ATM operator to offer dynamic currency exchange. And thanks to our global network, we have the resources and the know-how to continually expand and develop new product and service offerings.

ATMs Everywhere – International Presence

Cardtronics operates over 285,000 ATMs across four continents.

As the global leader in ATM deployment and management, no one operates more ATMs in more locations than Cardtronics. Our processing network, service delivery platform, operational expertise and scale advantages are being leveraged for cost effective expansion into new markets of opportunity through both organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

Global Brands

Cardtronics operates under several well recognized brands across our business categories and geographic regions.


Our global parent brand and the principal brand Cardtronics does business under with our retail and financial institution partners globally.

Cashzone logo

Cashzone is our consumer-facing ATM brand throughout Europe. You will begin to see the Cashzone brand deployed on our new ATMs in Germany, similar to the ATM brand that is being used in the other European countries in which Cardtronics operates, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.

All Cashzone ATMs will be identified as being operated by Cardpoint GmbH through physical notifications on the ATMs.

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Global Partners - The Company We Keep

Cardtronics is proud to count among its international partners many of the largest names in retail and banking.


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