Spend, Footfall and Loyalty:

The Value of Cash for Retailers and Financial Institutions

With over 1,000 ATMs, Cardtronics is the largest independent ATM operator in Germany. As such, the Cardtronics Deutschland team took a closer look at the role of cash and the influence of ATMs on local economies in Germany.

Cardtronics Deutschland asked YouGov to carry out a representative survey of 2,093 German adults to identify

The Value of Cash for Retailers and Financial Institutions

The 3 most important insights

1) In many types of retail outlets, our survey reveals cash is by far the most popular way to pay for purchases. Asked how they paid for their last purchase at a wide range of shopping locations, our respondents indicate consumer payment behaviour favours cash – and by an overwhelming margin in certain locations:

Graph on cash usage

2) Depending on the shopping environment, the average cash spend of customers is up to 30% higher after a cash withdrawal at a nearby ATM.

3) 36% of Germans would consider switching to a bank with a closer cash machine if their local branch closed and no ATM service was offered anymore.

You can download the full whitepaper in German here: