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Cardtronics Deutschland specializes in managing distributed financial kiosk networks for industry-leading financial institutions and merchants.

Cardtronics merges global expertise with local experience and teams in Germany, providing a comprehensive ATM solution that leads the industry for innovation, service quality, and security. Whether operating one or two ATMs, or hundreds across the country, Cardtronics can solve for any ATM deployment need.

As the world’s largest ATM operator, Cardtronics enjoys special relationships with each of our suppliers, relationships we leverage for your benefit. Cardtronics is able to work with all ATM hardware solutions from each manufacturer and service provider. We can tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs for ATM access and ATM managed services.

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ATM Market Intelligence

As the global and nationwide leader in ATM deployments, Cardtronics has extensive experience to assist in optimizing your ATM program. Tap into our extensive knowledge base to improve your ATM services and optimize your network for maximum impact with minimal cost and effort. We can help by consulting on:

Economic and location analysis

Anticipated revenue modeling

Visitor count analysis

Competition analysis

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ATM Outsourcing

Your locations. Our Expertise.

Improve service delivery while lowering costs

Free up financial and human capital while delivering self-service innovations

Improve compliance and security while focusing on the end-user experience

This is the promise and the future of ATM Outsourcing from Cardtronics.

When you outsource your ATM operations to Cardtronics, we remove the burden of the ATM network from your shoulders, giving you the freedom to invest and grow your core business while we ensure your ATM network works flawlessly.

Cardtronics can provide ATM management services individually, on an a la carte basis, or through a comprehensive turnkey approach. We can manage your ATMs away from your branch locations, at your branch locations, or both, from a few machines to a nationwide network.

With a turnkey arrangement, Cardtronics can also evaluate purchasing your existing ATM fleet, generating upfront financial revenue for you. After that transition, we will provide comprehensive services to operate the network, deliver cash, repair devices, upgrade the user interface, and ensure the network is futureproof. Add completely transparent reporting and analytics, and you will always know exactly how your network is performing.

Outsourcing services from Cardtronics relieve you of the care and management of your ATM network, freeing you to focus on the thing most important to you – your customers.

ATM Branding

Our ATMS. Your Brand.

Quickly improve your competitive stance by placing your brand, and fee-free cash, in front of your cardholders and prospects where they live their lives, whether shopping or dinning or relaxing.

ATM branding from Cardtronics is your brand experience delivered by our ATMs:

  • Our great locations in premium retail sites and other locations nationwide
  • Your brand prominently displayed on the exterior of the ATM
  • Your customized ATM screens and user experience
  • Convenient surcharge-free cash access for your cardholders

Use ATM branding to strengthen your presence in an existing market, enter a new market or maintain cash access in a market where you are decreasing your branch footprint. It is the fast, cost-effective solution to building competitive advantage anywhere you want to be.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Cash machine outsourcing permits financial institutions to use the infrastructure, experience, size potential and product portfolio of Cardtronics to improve the effectiveness and performance ability of their machine system. Cash machine outsourcing encompasses the entire service range – from individual operating components all the way to a comprehensive cash machine outsourcing with the takeover of existing systems. The scope of the implemented services is usually guided by the needs and framework conditions of the relevant institutions, and is designed to fit by our experts.

Yes! Many regional and national financial institutions in the United States and worldwide entrust the outsourcing of their self-service network to Cardtronics. This applies both to entire networks as well as to machine groups.

Upon request, we can provide you with references from the entire world, but for instance, also from the area of private banks, savings banks or public banks in Germany.

Cardtronics takes over the management of the cash machine park, however, if you should wish it, provides you with the option of control via a user-friendly management portal that provides you with real-time analyses and reports.

Yes! You can proceed in stages, and primarily contract the management of your cash machines that are located outside of your employee-managed offices, in order to subsequently expand cash machine outsourcing to your branches.

We are a stock exchange-listed company, and effectively we are subject to the same rules as other financial institutions. We apply the same standards as other financial institutions do, and have at our disposal appropriate required conformity certifications, such as the PCI.

In Germany, our machine network corresponds to local certification requirements of the various organisations such as the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft, the European Central Bank or the financial supervisory body BaFin.

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Proven. Trusted. Reliable.

Cardtronics is trusted by over 2,000 financial institutions globally to satisfy the cash access needs of their cardholders across our network.

Unique within the industry, Cardtronics provides the highest level of customer service and data security. We own the hardened processing platform on which our transactions run, a redundant platform vetted and approved by the biggest names in financial services.

But great security doesn’t mean much if the ATM can’t perform. That’s why we put such a focus on delivering a high-performance ATM environment, maximizing ATM availability and uptime while also ensuring our ATMs meet today’s stringent standards. Our high-availability ATM network is designed to function without interruption, backed up by 24/7/365 nationwide support, real-time monitoring, and fully redundant operations.